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AVISHAY AYAL - about the works synopsis of his Hebrew letter.

Shows works he has prepared for a group exhibition that took place in Wiesbaden , Germany on August 1997. The ideas brewed in his mind after inheriting linen and cloth that belonged to his late mother in law Regina Sprung. He was Amazed to find that many of those tablecloths resembled ones that were in his mother`s house.

He was intersted in the semantic fact that Map is being used in Hebrew for both Tablecloth and Carta. Two works were prepared in Israel prior to his trip to Germany. "Birg mich unter Deinen Schwingen" [German -Cover me with your wings] is a round tablecloth printed with leaves and different pocket animals around the hems the first chapter of Bialik written in German. The tablecloth is spread on top of a round low table with wheels.

The second work called "Tanten" , is an ink drawing of the roads of Germany, with the main cities named after Jewish Women. The tablecloth is spread on a plank cut as the map of Germany and is on top of a tea trolley.

Two additional works were prepared in Germany before the exhibition . "Maikaefer Flieg" [German-the may fly] includes a German Lullaby which translates "[My little] May fly, your father is at war, your mother [isin] Pomerania, Pomerania is on fire, [my little] May fly , the lullaby is written with Gothic letters on a napkin that is the last piece of His GrandMa`s trousseau, The napkin is on top of a map of Germany divided by the Green line that seperated the Two Germanies. In this map, which is glued to the tea trolley all the western Place- names were erased. The troley is Decorated with Childhood memorabilia.

Avishay Ayal -
1945 born in Kibbutz Mishmar Hasharon.
1965-1971 studied in "Betzalel" Jerusalem, Central School of Art and Design, London, and "Horsney College of Art and Design" London.

Solo exhibitions Since 1971 Numerous exhibitions all over Israel including Major Museums and in "Upper Street" Gallery in London.

Group Exhibitions Since 1969 in London and Bradford UK 1970, 1971 , all over Israel including Major Museums, In Hungary 1985, in Richmond Virginia 1996 in Wiesbaden Germany 1997.