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HAIM MAOR [Moshkovitz] - synopsis from his letter about the works.
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Work Details
1. The SPIRIT of OPHELIA, 1995-6, Oil & lacquer on [embroidered] Tapestry estimated measurements 80 X 140 cm.
2. DJIN-EOLOGY, 1997 Digitised embroidery on Tapestry, estimated measurements 180 X 180 cm.

The stories

Haim`s Parents are Holocaust survivers, they came to Israel without anything from their parents` annihilated homes. They turned their new home in Israel into a replica of their homes in Poland, by decorating it with pictures , art works , and black and white photographs of the deceased family members hanging in several rows on top of each other, like a hall of fame of the elders made up of all the dead faces Haim never knew. On the walls there are also various Gobelins in gilded frames in which one sees various scenes of flirts, garden parties, and princes and princesses in their best attire. All reminding folkstories or French Rococo or Polish noblity of the 18th cent. These Gobelins were purchased in Israel, partly ready made and partly woven by his sisters. For Haim, just as for his parents, all those are media to raise the spirits and the fading memories of `There`. Haim`s Father claims that his mother, the late Pesia Moshkovitz, loved to embroider and weave, while his father the late Haim-Benjamin Moshkovitz was a much sought after wall and picture painter. Haim`s maternal grandfather the late Ephraim Rutter was a stone cutter and vitrage maker in Galicia Poland.

Both works relate to this athmosphere. in the first work `The Spirit of Ophelia` Haim painted over a gobelin he took from his parents' house, The spirit floating over the Venetian garden party gives a double faced message.

In the second work "Djin-Eology" made of ready made 'gobelins' reminding the ones at home. Yiddish Family names are embroidered [ Papa. Mama, Opa ,Oma etc.] each section is framed in black, together they are made into a 'family tree' or the Menora.

Haim claims that by using these techniques and these materials as well as quoting the Yiddish words, he preserves and re-enlives the "Dead World", unlike others who see it as a 'naive' or 'bourgeois' or 'Diaspora' for him it is a pure period that preceded the big horrors of the 20 cent.


1951 born in Jaffa, Israel.
Since 1977 member of Kibbutz Givat-Haim-Meuhad.
Since 1977 Taught Art in schools, colleges, Teachers` seminars and now lectures in The department of Art History Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheba.
1989 founded STUDIO-Art Magazine and was its first editor until-1993 [issues no1- 40]. Wrote numerous articles and critiques in Main and Local newspapers.
1996 has been recognized as Dr [equivalent] Based on his Articles, Artistic activities and involvement.

Solo exhibitions

Since 1978 has had many exhibitions all over Israel, and also in the Major Museums, as well as in `Haagse Centrum voor Aktuele Kunst`, Holland in 1993.

Since 1994 A permanent Installation "The Forbidden Library" in THE Educational Institute of the Holocaust Tel Yitzhak, Israel.


1994 Has won The Prize of The Minister of Science and Arts.

1995 got the Zusman prize of Yad VaShem Jerusalem in 1995.

Since 1980 has curated various solo exhibitions of other artists and/or writes texts for their catalogs. Recently started to curate group exhbitions as well.